About Jonathan L. Levin

Mr. Levin helps clients understand and comply with the full range of federal and state financial institution regulatory requirements. Drawing upon his experience as a former federal bank regulator, a partner in two major law firms, and most recently, a bank chief regulatory counsel and chief compliance officer, he counsels financial institutions on the strategic exercise of their chartered powers.

With regard to the conduct of a financial institution’s business, Mr. Levin develops strategies for offering innovative products and services. In matters of financial institution structure and expansion, he manages the application process for chartering or licensing, opening branches and subsidiaries, and organizing bank and thrift holding companies and their affiliates. Mr. Levin facilitates financial institution mergers and acquisitions by resolving regulatory issues that are germane to the transaction. He also appears in court as an expert witness on financial institution regulation.

From a global perspective, Mr. Levin’s practice centers on interaction with financial institution regulatory agencies at both the state and federal levels. Acting as a liaison with government, he is able to engage officials in crafting regulatory interpretations that help achieve his clients’ business objectives within the boundaries of existing law. While a client must reveal its identity when making direct contact with the government, Mr. Levin often is able to explore legal issues and business plans with regulators on an anonymous basis.